Miss Marley – An update

October 7, 2014

Marley is 6 now. Yes, 6! In her 6 years she has developed a real passion for all things sports, in fact she prefers a visit to the local Dick’s sporting goods to peruse sports shorts and soccer balls, rather than a day at the American Girl Store. Being the girly girl that I am, friends tend to quietly laugh to themselves as they think “Val got a tomboy!”. I couldn’t be more in awe of my little Mar-Mar as she races across the soccer field to score a goal, practices her swim strokes with precision, slams the softball, and goes head to head with a girl 5 inches taller than her in basketball. I’m thrilled that she is active, competitive and fearless!

Aside from her love of sports, she also has a real love for school! Finally something I can say she got from me. She worries about being late in the morning, races home to start her homework and loves to provide me with a full recap of the happenings of the day including who she sat by at lunch and who moved their magnet. Being competitive, she has a acute awareness of her reading skills and is diligently practicing her phonics. This past weekend she begged me to go to Barnes and Noble so she could select a new “Elephant and Piggy” book as Mo Willems is by far her favorite author. Mar and I hadn’t been on a mommy and me excursion for some time, so we embarked on our adventure.

When we arrived at the book store she ran to her section, selected a book and began to read. We sat and read several books as she decided which book she would take home. On our way out, she noticed a book display for BJ Novak’s new children’s book, “The Book with No Pictures”. The display was not particularly appealing but it caught her attention. She read the cover and said “hmmm, a book with no pictures?. Well, that’s like a chapter book or something, right?”  She took a moment to check it out and asked me if we could buy it because, “it seems interesting”. I happen to be a fan of Mr. Novak, so I obliged.

The display that made this a reality.

The display that made this blog post a reality.

At our next stop, she sat on the floor and began reading her new book. Again, because she is just learning to read, it can take several minutes to read one page. While she was reading she implemented a reading strategy her teacher taught her, which is to ask yourself a series of questions while you read to help further your comprehension of the story: “I’m thinking, I’m seeing, I’m wondering, etc…”  She was amused when she she got to the “I’m seeing” question. She said aloud, “I’m seeing, I’m…, well…, I’m not seeing anyfing, you know why? because (as she turned to the cover) this is… this is… The Book with No Pictures!” she proudly moved onto the next page.

Reading is serious, even on the floor at the Gap.

Reading is serious, even on the floor at the Gap.

As a parent these are the moments that make you so proud. You glow with excitement because your child has reached another milestone. . As she continued to read her new book aloud, more “for the baby book” ,moments were happening right before my very eyes, her cadence slow and precise, “My..o-n-l-y..friend in the…whole…wide world…is a hip-po named Boo…Boo….Butt” She slowly repeats “Boo, Boo, Butt” she is wondering, thinking (but not seeing) and BAM she comprehends…. I could read her thoughts , they said (“I just read Butt”) She looks at me, laughing again at what she just read and now she is hooked. Again, reading her thoughts, they said (What will read next!)

Wait a minute. This is silly.

Wait a minute. This is silly.



It's still funny, I read BUTT!
It’s still funny, I read BUTT!

Later that day, I decided to see if there is a book signing happening any time soon. I am a connect the dots type of person and I thought it would be great for Marley to see the book read live by the author himself. Much to my surprise there is a book signing at the end of the week, in our very own town. Sometimes things are just meant to me. I would like to thank Mr. Novak because Marley experienced her “A-Ha” moment for the awesomeness of reading from four simple, yet when combined, hilarious letters. No picture required!

2 Responses to “Miss Marley – An update”

  1. Pat Says:

    Great story – nice to see you blogging again

  2. Carmen Says:

    So sweet and cute :-). Love! Made me smile 🙂

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