Life these days

March 14, 2012

I’m a mom. Life consists of ensuring child #1 and # 2 are driven to points a and b several times a day: school, soccer, dance, football, play dates, appointments, birthday parties, baseball, swim, back and forth, hit repeat.  Oh yeah and throw in meals, snacks & laundry. 100% of the time I am concerned for their safety, health and happiness. My partner to ensure all this happens is my husband who I greet with high fives instead of kisses because we made it through another day.  AND I also have a full time job. Sadly I learn about news and current events on Facebook and “E” because this also serves as entertainment for which my schedule allows only 3.5 minutes. Do not judge me because I am happy for Britney spears and her upcoming nuptials, I “heart” the Kardashians, I have no idea who Mitt Romney is, (except that he is a Mormon and Mormons are cool because of Big Love) We will probably live in our current home for the next 20 years and won’t make a dent in what we owe, college will be paid in loans, I will work until I am 80. Sometimes I wish just one day I could hit pause and say “Live from New York it’s Saturday night” until then I happily welcome a nice hot bath and hugs from my little ones.


One Response to “Life these days”

  1. Dave Says:

    That about sums it up… forgot to mention that you have to put up with your husband yelling at basketball on TV downstairs while you try to watch the Kardashians upstairs. Dimestore Radio be the musical guests when you host SNL. xo

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