April 25, 2011

Prince William is getting married on Friday. Back in the day I remember when he was super cute and I always felt a little pervy wishing I could be his princess. (there is a 7 year age difference) And really who am I kidding? I wouldn’t want to be the wife of a royal – all that “doing the right thing”, shaking people’s hands, holding babies, ribbon cutting ceremonies, hanging with diplomats, UGH… But, I do have to admit though, having people bow and curtsy to you would be kinda sweet especially when you encounter someone that was once mean to you in high school or stole your boyfriend. If I was a princess I would seek those people out and then say “Curtsy bitch or  bow asshole, yeah I’m a royal highness!” 

Every morning on NBC they have been talking about the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There is quite a bit of hype and if I wasn’t busy doing the million things I have to tend to everyday I would sit and watch. I am interested in her dress and the guest list.  It’s history, and assuming there are no nasty love affairs and she wears knickers in public – she will become Queen. That is neat and she’s pretty too.

This is not the first time I have been interested in what happens to the royals across the pond. When I was a little girl I remember when Prince Charles married Lady Di. Even back then I was wishing for more, I was disappointed that Prince Charles looked nothing like Prince Charming and Diana had short hair. Through the years I would read the People magazine and keep myself abreast of the royal happenings. I don’t remember much of the details but that Fergie princess was pretty naughty.

I was traveling with a group of friends the night Princess Diana was killed in the tragic automobile accident in Paris. Me and my friend Katie wanted to watch the news coverage all night, but we were visiting our friend Casey and she wanted us to stop thinking  and talking about current affairs and drink booze instead. We obliged. Later that week, I hosted a “party” so that we could all watch the funeral together – Live. I have to admit now it was a little tacky and A LOT disrespectful that I wore my tiara to the occasion. We watched all through the night and the wee early hours of the morning. I still remember the young Princes – William and Harry walking in the funeral procession and my friend Kristi crying the entire time – big. huge. tears.  She was inconsolable, and maybe because we were delirious with exhaustion or just really bitchy, we laughed. That was F’d.

So that is why I am dedicating this blog entry to her, Kristi. I am fairly certain she will take the day off and watch it live. I look forward to her play by play facebook postings, it gives me something to look forward to on Friday morning. And I am sure Kristi is happy that she can watch the whole thing in peace and quiet, free from our sarcastic commentary. This is her moment, nothing will come between her and her TV, and NO ONE will know if she cried.

2 Responses to “Royalty”

  1. *kristi* Says:

    LOL Ok, I totally have tears in my eyes reading this! Thanks Val, that’s so sweet to dedicate this post to me. I do remember you guys making fun of me so bad, but honestly…I still look back on that whole night fondly. I mean, what we were there for totally sucked of course, and at the time everyone’s comments probably affected me, but I love you girls so much that now it just makes me laugh how much I was crying and I don’t blame you at all for poking fun!! I am happy to say that my husband will be out of town as of Thursday, so I have the TV and the apartment to myself, and the cats to keep me company! I am so looking forward to watching it live 🙂

  2. casey Says:

    This is a great post though I have to say I am ready for the wedding to be over, the coverage is constant! Anyone else find it odd that they are doing so many things Prince Charles and Di did at their wedding? It’s not like that is a marriage you strive to mimic is it?

    Oh and I would never make you drink! 😉

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