Remembering Friday Fundays!

June 4, 2010

I am sitting at Starbuck’s this morning…trying to work, but I can’t concentrate, it’s FRIDAY!!! I have tons to do and I even coerced my husband to take Sam to swim class because I needed the time to work, but instead I’m procrastinating, listening to Lady Gaga  and remembering the days when Fridays meant something.

I’ll start with high school. I loved school and I was THAT totally involved student government nerd. When I was a senior, I was appointed the Friday Funday chair, which gave me the responsibility of organizing fun activities during lunch on Fridays. I don’t think we had an activity every Friday but probably twice a month. All the events were some type of game or challenge, each class (freshman,sophomore, junior, senior) selected participants and the winner of the activity received points toward the yearly class competition. I had a lot of fun organizing these events and the best part was I had an assistant, a super cute junior named Ward. How cool was that? He and I decided which event we were going to do and then I ran around with a clipboard and he did all the work.

I only remember one event clearly and the was the “Root Beer Chug – A – Lug”. Basically the participant that drank the most Root Beer in 3 minutes, won. The freshman puked. I have an unnatural fear of vomit, so that is probably the only reason I remember. If anybody out there has their favorite Friday Funday moment, please share!

Friday Fundays were the best. In college, Friday Fundays probably meant not going to class and continuing the fun from Thursday night. As a young career girl, Friday Fundays meant getting my mani/pedi at lunch and deciding if I was going to wear black pants or jeans for my night out. Nowadays, Fridays are generally chaotic with a side of exhaustion. There is a 100% chance I will watch several episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and we may even have breakfast for dinner. I guess this IS our Friday Funday – family style.

5 Responses to “Remembering Friday Fundays!”

  1. Husband Says:

    In college we had something called Friday Afternoon Club (FAC) – I threw up many times! Fridays rule!

  2. Mandolin Says:

    I bought a vegan doughnut at Whole Foods this morning. The cashier said on Fridays they sell the most bakery items. As I turned to walk away with my unmarked white bag, I heard the man behind me announce, “One pastry” – confirming it’s Friday Funday.

  3. pat (aka mommy) Says:

    Now that my Fridays (after work) are free and unencumbered you think that I would be doing all kinds of wild and crazy things and then saying
    “Neener, Neener (sp?)” to you. But I am usually pretty exhausted by the end of the week. So the ball game on TV tonight sounds fun to me.

  4. CaseyLou Says:

    I don’t have many Friday Funday stories, that I remember- we used have Sunday Funday- which generally meant posting up at a bar somewhere throwing back a few cold ones and then moving on to the next bar! Ah the days when we could ride our cruiser around for Sunday Fundays!!

  5. charlotte Says:

    Well as a child every other Friday meant going to see my Dad for the weekend. Those were the best weekends because my Dad has ADHD and never gets tired. So we were always camping, hiking, parks, movies, plays. High school I partied a lot! By the time I was 16 I had no curfew and my kids will never enjoy that freedom because I got into all kinds of stuff. I continued to party through my 20s and 30s. Now unless I can find a sitter I just knock back beers with my husband and have impromptu dance parties with my kids. Have a great weekend.

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