January 8, 2010

Today is Elvis’ birthday. He would have been 75. Dave is watching a program about The King downstairs and I realize that I quite enjoy his music. Listening to him makes me think of a few Mom/Elvis stories I would like to share. 

My mom has frequently reminisced about the time she saw Elvis perform live in Tahoe. She doesn’t share much, but the story has remained consistent. So here it goes: “I saw Elvis with my friend, we were teenagers, it was before he was fat and still good looking, old ladies threw their panties at him. I thought, Yuuuck!” 

My next Elvis memory is as follows: 

I swear by remembering the day Elvis died, but that was in 1977 and I  would have only been 2 years old. I have always said I have a good memory, but I think that’s pushing it. So, I think, I must have remembered an anniversary of his death, maybe at 3 or 4 years of age. Anyway, what I remember is the report on TV saying that Elvis died of an overdose, and I asked my mom what that meant. My mom’s response to me was “They found him with his head in the toilet.” So for years, and years and years, I have this vision: Elvis is his famous white bell bottom suit, face down in the toilet. I have since reminded my mom of this conversation, she laughed and then told me, “well his head wasn’t IN the toilet he was actually ON the toilet taking a dump”  Thanks for clearing that up, I think I should stick with my first vision, at least he is wearing pants.

You may  be thinking those sound like immature responses coming from a mom. Well, for the “head in the toliet” comment she could not have been older than 24, let’s think about some of the things we were doing when we were 24. She, unlike us, was raising a child and not prepared for the tough, real life questions of a toddler.  If Sam asked me what is an overdose, I would probaby freeze, fumble over my words,  redirect his attention by saying something like “look there’s a bird.” Hey, at least she answered me. As for the “Elvis concert” story, as I mentioned before, that story has never changed, so until my mom tells me otherwise, I will still think of old ladies going commando all in the name of Elvis.

The famous white suit

7 Responses to “Elvis”

  1. Pat (AKA MOM) Says:

    They threw their big white granny panties at him. He even picked one up and laughed. Of course he was handing out these scarfs that he would drape around his neck all the while singing “Falling in Love With You”. I thought who would believe that sweaty scarf belonged to Elvis so I didn’t try to get one. Probably would have been beaten up by one of the old lady groupies anyway.


  2. Mandolin Says:

    I wonder if the ‘old ladies’ were really that old and maybe your Mom just remembers it that way because she was that young. Maybe they were 30 something?

  3. Pat (AKA MOM) Says:

    Nope Miss Amanda
    They were old – maybe not blue haired but definitely heading there. The panties told it all.


  4. Caseylou Says:

    This cracks me up because I can see Pat telling you the same thing today- regardless of her age. It just seems like Pat- very matter of fact and a take it or leave it kind of answer.

    In regards to the undies-back in the day weren’t most undies what we now call “granny panties”? I think over the years the amount of fabric in them has become less and less- so maybe they were old ladies to a young 20 something but were probably in their 30’s and 40’s thinking they were wearing “sexy” panties for the King

  5. Papa Kovo Says:

    I will handle the ‘overdose conversation’ and any other drug related lessons (many references).

    Long Live The King!

    – Sam’s Dad

  6. Ronnie & Robert's Mom Says:

    Ah the Elvis story. Good times! You should have Pat tell about the Curtis Mayfield meeting.

    Regarding panties. There were other styles of panties way back then. We didn’t wear flour sacks. We even had bikini undies. Some even had the days of the week on them, so you wouldn’t be cochina.

    We didn’t have the kind that flossed you though!

  7. Pat (AKA MOM) Says:

    Ronnie and Robert’s Mom
    Is very funny lady!
    I don’t think Val knows the Curtis Mayfield story – Val do you know who Curtis Mayfield is?
    He was part of this soul group the Impressions and wrote the soundtrack to Superfly. Muddle up a batch of Mojitos and I will tell you about it.

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