It’s Been a While

November 11, 2009

I have been busy, busy,busy. Between work events, kid activities, appointments, researching swine flu vaccines pros and cons, I have no time for my blog. I have promised myself to write at least once  a week, for shits and giggles.

So before I go any further, you must all watch this: Subtle Sexuality.

The Office is one of my favorite shows and one of only two programs set in my DVR (the other is the Hills) I think the writing is fantastic and I know I am always going to get a good laugh.

After watching this webisode it made me think of the fun stuff me an my friends used to do when we were in our early 20’s. You see, we had LOTS of spare time and aside from working we did not have much going on. Soo, what did we do? Well….we did A LOT of lip syncing and skit production, of course, DUH. My favorite is Spice Girl night.

Here’s how it happened. We were watching some Spice Girls videos and we decided to play dress up and act out one of them out. Somewhere a tape exists of this night. This is such an example of what good girls we were.  While Paris, Miss California, Kim Khardasian, and all those other hoochies spent their teens and twenties making sexy time videos, me and my friends were still playing pretend.

Kristi was nominated choreographer, she was a cheerleader in high school, so that qualified her as expert dancer. She also played the role of Baby Spice, being that she was also the blonde of the group. I was scary Spice, you know because of the hair and complexion. Kelly was Posh because of her hotness, Katie was Ginger because of her boobs, and since Casey was out and about touring Europe or on a cruise ship or maybe even still in college, she was Sporty. She probably would have fought to be Posh, but since she was not around she didn’t get a vote. I know whenever we reminisce about this night, Casey is secretly pissed that she was cast as the plain girl. She does not appear in the video, we make a reference to Sporty,  saying she sustained a soccer injury and is recuperating. Our good friend Keith came over and he was the director, Gunther. (pronounced: Gooonther)

Kristi took her job as choreographer very seriously and while me an the other girls rummaged through Katie’s closet for our Spice Girl outfits, she watched the video over and over to get the steps just right. We practiced all night and had it down so well I think we convinced ourselves we were the Next Big Thing!

The next night, our guy friends came over to hang out. We of course, did not want them to know what we had been up to the night before, but one of them started watching the video. They were in awe (not in a good way) and laughing their asses off at us. We were confident and proud. Who knew there was soo much talent in one group of friends! They also told us that the Spice Girls were the best marketing gimmick out there, that any girl could identify with any member of the group, and that’s why they were so successful. As they continued their lecture in Marketing 101, I pretended to act like I cared, all the while I was humming the tune “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want”, thinking about our next skit and our new lives as superstars.


5 Responses to “It’s Been a While”

  1. Katie/Ginger Spice Says:

    Ahhh, those memories! If memory serves me right we also spent that night booking plane tix to So. Cal cause on a whim we decided it would be fun to take Val’s mind off of boy troubles and head to Disneyland. Ahhh, the carefree life we had! So fun, I’m sure I have pics of that night and I’m pretty sure I got mad and beat up Kelly (as usual in those days!)

  2. Sporty Spice Says:

    Ah the memories! Maybe we should reenact this one of these days. We do have pictures of a night out in SF where we still thought we were Spice Girls and posed as such.

  3. Baby Spice Says:

    Holy crap!! First of all, there is VIDEO of all that?? I think I blocked that out! LOL I think I do remember the dance though, so we could totally reenact it 🙂

    Second, I was actually JUST looking at those pictures in my album two nights ago hahahaha That night was so much flippin’ fun. (Chubby Bunny!!!)

    Lastly, I was also looking at the SF night out pictures that Sporty is referring to…I really miss those nights out of hoochie-ness. Val was wearing the fur trimmed tank that eventually ended up full of caramel corn. And Kelly started out wearing a white shirt under her “Austin Powers” outfit but later had to take it off because someone spilled cranberry vodka on it, I believe. Did Katie spill on her?

    Val – I worship Subtle Sexuality. You are so Kelly in that video, and I can’t decide who is Erin…but I think it might be Kelly LOL

    I think I can for sure come up for the Christmas get together and I’ll be bringing all my pictures with me!

  4. Kelly Says:

    That night was the best! I have to dig out my pics too! Where is Goooonther these days?

    It was Katie who spilled the cranberry vodka on me! So random…

  5. Papa Kovo Says:

    No wonder why Mr. G thought you were lesbians!

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