October 5, 2009

I stopped by my friend’s antique shop and I saw this:


The first thing I thought when I saw it was “Wow, where can I put it?”. I mean if you are going to have a chandelier in your home, you might as well go for it. When people see it you don’t just want them to think “Nice Chandelier” you want them to think “Nice CHANDE- FUCKIN’- LIER”. Right?

I stood there mesmerized by all its crystally beauty. I admired it for a good 5 minutes because I knew this would be the last time I was ever going to see it, there was no way I could bring it home with me. Kinda like when you see a kitten or a puppy at one of the weekend animal rescues at the local mall. (SIGH)

That night I had trouble falling asleep and I starting thinking about the chandelier. I could not think of anybody off hand that could use it, even my friends who have the homes that exceed 3,000 square feet, I didn’t think this was really their style. I guess you have to have that certain something or as the french say: je-ne-sais-quoi to own a piece like that in your home. I mean you really have to be able to back that up. Then I thought of my Aunt Barbara. She radiates “FABULOSITY”. It’s true, ask any one that knows her. She is the only person I know that can wear a cocktail dress to work and get away with it just because it’s Tuesday. It would be fitting if whenever she walked into a room this chandelier was hovering directly above her. People wouldn’t even think twice. It would just go.

Every since I can remember everybody has always luuuved my Aunt Barbara. She had many admirers when she was in high school, she always got the fancy box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, a cousin on my dad’s side would make the drive from LA just to catch a glimpse of her, one time at an A’s game, the Sesame Street gang was promoting their ice show, they stopped by our seats and Ernie would not leave her side. When I was in high school some of my guy friends would stop to visit me just to she is she was home. She has been compared to many a movie star. My friend Katie thinks comparing Barbara to Catherine Zeta Jones is an insult to Barbara.

If we could flashback to the 1950’s, Barbara would be one of those ladies whose dance ticket was always full and men would line up to light her cigarettes and bring her martini’s. If we could flashback even further to…. let’s say….. the Civil War, Barbara would most definitely be Scarlett O’Hara.

So as I tried to fall asleep, I thought about how I could get this Chandelier to its one and only suitable owner … If anybody has any ideas let me know.


2 Responses to “Fabulous”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Maybe someone could carry the chandelier around on a stick and just follow Barbara around. That really is the only way to do it justice. Maybe like one of those celebrity umbrella holders? Economy’s tough…they may need a side job!

  2. Papa Kovo Says:

    Two Comments:
    1. Next time you have trouble falling asleep, roll over and I’ll sending you smiling into dream land in a mere 35 seconds!!!!!
    2. Aunt Barb may have had a full dance card but she got the ultimate door prize: Uncle Tommy!

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