An Open Letter to the President

September 9, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

I was very excited to see your address to our nation’s youth. I think it is fantastic that we have a President who takes time from his busy schedule to speak to the children of the good ‘ol USA. However, I am very disappointed by the end result. Where was the brainwashing? Next time you should really follow through on your promises. My approval rating of you has now dropped .01 percent.  

 Better luck next time,



One Response to “An Open Letter to the President”

  1. Pat (AKA MOM) Says:

    Yes I always thought that telling kids to study hard and to do their very best was quite a radical concept. And in a school nonetheless – Shocking!!!

    Perhaps just a simple spelling bee would have sufficed (you say potatoe and I say potato)

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