I promise I’m not a stalker

July 15, 2009

I am fairly new to social networking, via the Facebook. I enjoy finding friends from high school and college and reconnecting with them. I have even met up with a few old friends and enjoyed a cup of coffee with them while we fill each other in on our lives.

Here is the thing I don’t get. When your friends on facebook post pictures, status updates, etc, are we not supposed to comment about it when you run into them in person? On several occasions I have commented on something I saw, asked about a trip recently taken, and have even recognized a friend’s kid at the playground. Nearly every time, (unless it’s a good friend), people look at me like I’m a freak. I do admit I have a fantastic memory for all things unneccessary. I can remember many events from the past and probably what you were wearing on that occassion. I’m not on facebook all day long, but I will look at pictures that were recently posted, so if I run into you chances are I’m going to comment.

Moving forward, should I keep my mouth shut and pretend I didn’t know you recently moved, your kid lost a tooth, you went to Thailand? Geez people, stop posting shit, if you don’t want me to talk about it! 

I just want to clear up one thing, I am not a facebook stalker, I am just a mom taking some time to unwind. Thank you for keeping things interesting but in the future I will pretend I know nothing about it!


2 Responses to “I promise I’m not a stalker”

  1. Molly Says:

    That is so funny! I feel the same way. I love seeing what everyone is doing, but don’t really talk about it to people to prevent the stalker title!

  2. Anne-Marie Says:

    So true!! I totally agree. What’s worse is when people who are your Facebook “friends” act like they’re too good to talk to you in person when they’re all about you on Facebook.

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