Where have you been?

July 12, 2009

For those of you who read my blog, maybe you have been wondering where I have been? Well, I’ll tell you. A few weeks ago Dave came home from a long day at work and said to me “Woman, it’s ’bout time you started pulling your weight around here. Why don’t you out there and get yourself a job?” I was shocked and horrified, does this mean I can no longer sit at home eating bon bons and watching All My Children?  Just Kidding! The previously mentioned conversation never occurred, and sitting around isn’t part of my life anymore since I have two little ones that keep me so busy I barely eat.

What did happen was I began perusing Craigslist and Opportunity Nocs to see if there were any positions out there that might be a good match for me. To my surprise there was a little position for a non-profit looking for an Area Director. I put my hat in the ring and after a long interview process I got the gig!

I’m excited for this new opportunity and I felt it was time for me to re-enter the working world. With this new adventure comes lots to consider. First and foremost, who is gonna watch my kids ? How will I make dinner everynight? Can I still work out on a regular basis? and What’s going to happen to my blog? Blogging is my most recent endeveour and I enjoy it very much and I will try my best not to abandon it. I have an endless amount of anecdotes and it would almost be criminal not to share.

Stay tuned for more to come … and wish me luck!


One Response to “Where have you been?”

  1. Romie Says:

    Yay Val!!! I’m so proud of you! I wish you much luck on your new job, but will miss your anecdotes. So don’t forget about your blog!

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