New Friend

June 23, 2009

Me and Miss Marley went to lunch today. I went shopping and was going to attempt to get the new i-phone, but the wait was 3 hours and I decided to buy new clothes instead. It was exhausting and made me hungry and since Marley is always up for a meal I went for it. 

We just stopped at the cafe at Nordstrom. It was still early and I thought we were the only ones in there until I heard a voice saying “I want to meet the little debutante that is making all that noise.” I looked up saw a frail old man in a bright orange wind breaker wearing the biggest grin I ever saw. Marley instantly loved him and was smiling, waving and charming him to bits.  He looked at her and said ” You enjoy your time with your mommy.” and then he said to me  “I’m 84 years old and I still miss my mom everyday” I chatted with him for a few minutes until our food arrived, small talk and meal time are not a good mix for Marley. I would have liked to continue talking to him, he was just a lonely old man looking for company. When he walked away he apologized for disturbing my lunch. I told him he was no bother at all, but his comment made me sad. It made me think of my grandpa who enjoyed telling a good story whether it was true or not. I would like to think, if he were still alive today, and he approached a woman with her daughter she would of taken a few minutes out of her day to have a friendly, harmless chat. Our senior friends deserve that!

These days we are so consumed by where we need to be and what needs to be done next. Most of the time we are too rushed to enjoy the beauty in the simple things. My new friend at the cafe today is a regular, the staff all knew him by name and would stop to chat with him in between their duties. What a great way to get through the day. We should all slow down, take a breath, and remember to say hello.


5 Responses to “New Friend”

  1. Papa Kovo Says:

    Pulling at ones heart strings is the best way to take personal inventory and remember what is really important!

    • Charlotte Says:

      I like this story. There are so many times that one or all of my kids have “stopped traffic” and I just wanted to hurry along, but took a deep breath instead and just basked in the moment.

  2. Katie Says:

    That is heartwarming!!!

  3. Romie Says:

    I love this one Val. It got me all verklempt! Kinda opened my eyes to the fact that I really want to move up to Chico ASAP and spend time with Grammy before she leaves us. Thanks for the push that I needed!

  4. Casey Says:

    That made me sad all over again today- I was sitting on the beach today watching a little girl with her “auntie” and really missed my own niece and was wishing flights were cheap so I could fly home for a little family/friend time now I am teary again reading your story. Living this far from everyone really does stink!

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