June 18, 2009

I sat down and watched The View for a few minutes today. I don’t watch the show regularly because I have very little tolerance for Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Today’s show caught my attention because Lauren Conrad was a guest (woo hoo “LC”) . When I was watching they were still on their “Hot Topics” segment and they were discussing a current Calvin Klein billboard ad that has got some parents of an NYC neighborhood a little upset. 

They could only show the ad once , for a few seconds on screen because of the risque nature. From what I could see, in that little bit of time, was a women laying on a couch with 2 men (kissing one) and below her on the ground is another man watching. All the players are topless with the women’s girlie bits strategically covered.  

Elizabeth felt that this was not an appropriate image to be shown in a mass public display. I actually agree with her (gasp) What is happening to me? Oh my gawd please tell me I’m not turning into an conservative! I don’t mind these ads being in magazines, Internet, or other forms of media where I can control what my kids can and cannot see. My children are too young to even approach this subject matter, but it won’t be long and I need to have answers. The ad seems a little too dirty.  Although, on the flip side of this, the Billboard is in Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, where anything goes, and people come in every shape, size and color.  It’s not in a quiet suburban community where mass loads of moms in their SUV’s are shuttling their brood from one soccer game to the next. Perhaps the children that live in the big city grow up a little faster and can handle this type of subject matter?

I don’t know for sure, but this being a parent thing surprises me all the time. Pre-kids I would have thought Elizabeth was being her usual uptight self and I may have thrown something at the TV, but today she is my friend.





4 Responses to “”

  1. Papa Kovo Says:

    The fundamental discourse of this ad that I will share with my son: 1. Three-somes are only acceptable if you are the only man present 2. The your female partners are attractive….3. My daughter will not be allowed to look at this ad.

  2. Kelly Says:

    I never thought I would see this day.

  3. Mandolin Says:

    A woman can please 3 men at the same time (this would be a foursome, Papa Kovo). I am 33 and that looks like fun (do I hear gasping?). She looks about 12, however, and I don’t remember thinking that would be fun when I was 12. Pictures like these belong behind whispers and shadows.

  4. JennieL. Says:

    The mother in me says “that child dosen’t need a threesome, she needs a decent meal.” I volunteer to buy her both a meal AND a shirt, poor thing.

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