To eat or not to eat

June 12, 2009

Marley hasn’t met a piece of bread she didn’t like. In her ripe old age of 14 months she has learned to appreciate food, all foods, she does not discriminate. When Marley- Mar turned a year old I stopped giving her a bottle, cold turkey, and as a coping mechanism she turned to food to fill the void. Which is what is supposed to happen, but considering she consumed 3 loaves of bread last week and has just hit 20 pounds I am beginning to wonder, where is it all going? She must be blessed with a fantastic metabolism.    

Doing what she loves most!

Doing what she loves most!




"Don't bother me, I'm eating!"

"Don't bother me, I'm eating!"




I remember my grandma telling me when I was kid I wanted to eat every 5 minutes. I would wake in the morning and before even saying ” Hello” or “Good Morning” I would say “I’m Starving”. I was always eating. Even now, I could snack all day but I usually don’t have time or I don’t want my kids to see what I’m munching on so I just go without. Marley can’t talk yet but she knows baby signs and when I go to grab her out of her crib in the morning she is already frantically doing the sign for “More”. This must be her non-talking equivalent of “I’m starving”. Whenever I open the pantry door or the refrigerator she comes waddling down to see what’s in in for her. She’ll try anything, in fact, her current favorite is broccoli. Get out! Broccoli? Awesome!!!

I am definitely into healthy eating. We usually buy organic. I love to have fresh fruits and veggies, always. I try my best to cook wholesome meals. We  don’t eat a lot of junk food. I am paranoid about too much sugar in drinks, so my kids mostly drink water and milk. I hope to delay soda drinking for as long as humanly possible. This is how I grew up. I remember the best dessert being a bowl of strawberries. Nowadays, I usually reserve treats for special occassions or bribes. (at least for Sam) Marley doesn’t really know any better so I can get away with not giving her sweet treats and other junk for now.

Here comes the bad part.  Even with all my efforts to make healthy choices for my family, we have taken a few journeys to the McDonald’s drive-thru. (gasp) The Golden Arches! The first time I took Sam he was about 15 months and we are on a road trip to Mendocino. It was cold and pouring rain and we didn’t want to get out of the car. We bought him chicken nuggets and I’ll never forget his first bite. He bit into the nugget and as soon as that taste hit his mouth he was ready for more. I couldn’t get the pieces to him fast enough. Grease was dripping down his face and he was in a panicked frenzy. At that moment I knew he was hooked, McDonald’s chicken nuggets are crack for babies. 

Just recently Marley tried her first McDonald’s. I hadn’t planned to give it to her, but Sam was on a hunger strike that day, which is why I bought him McDonald’s to begin with. ( I was hoping he would eat something, ANYTHING) She saw the nuggets and wanted some.  I tried to ignore her requests but I eventually gave in. Her reaction was essentially the same as Sam’s. After her first bite she couldn’t wait for more. 

I told a good friend a while back that I use fast food as a treat or a reward. Her response was something along the line of : That doesn’t make sense, why would you call something as bad as McDonald’s a treat, it is the worst possible thing you could give your kids.

You know what? She is absolutely right.  I really should start calling it what it is: LAZINESS!  I buy McDonald’s when I do not feel like cooking, when I need something quick,when I am run down and tired and I just want the boy to EAT! But I’m not going to feel bad or guilty. Everybody needs a break!

I read an article in a trashy magazine not too long ago about Brad and Angelina taking their kids to McDonald’s on Christmas. I sure hope this one is true. Even the Jolie-Pitt crew eats a little bit of the badness.  If that can’t make me feel good about my choices, I’m not sure what can.  

Look closely, they are eating Cheetos!!

Look closely, they are eating Cheetos!!


2 Responses to “To eat or not to eat”

  1. Mandolin Says:

    My uncle feeds his 18 month old donut holes for breakfast because he says it’s easy. My grandmother’s reply was, “easier than feeding him a banana?”

    Sorry Val, but I pray your shame grows until you stop this madness!

    p.s. love ya

  2. Romie Says:

    I enjoyed reading this as I sit here and eat my Taco Bell nachos for dinner. 😉

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