Happy Birthday Mr. President

June 4, 2009

I have always wanted to sing Happy Birthday, a la Marilyn Monroe when she sang the ditty to President Kennedy in 1962. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t even alive but it is one of my most favorite historical celebrity moments. I have pictured myself in a sexy dress taking the stage after one too many martini’s and just going for it. The thing is, to do the song justice and give this particular rendition the credit it deserves I have to sing to someone that is President of something.  It wouldn’t be right otherwise.  

I almost had my chance. My best friend Kelly’s husband Pete, was to take the role of President at his parents company when they retired. I told Kelly my plan and she thought this was a great idea.  Problem is they sold the company. Darn it, now what?

Let’s make this happen people. Do you know anybody that is the President of anything? I will arrive in my finest sequined number,  prepared and ready to serenade. “Haaaapppy Birthday……Mista Prrrrrressssident”  It will be a dream come true and I’ll even post it on You Tube.


Please Note: I look nothing like this.

Please Note: I look nothing like this.


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mr. President”

  1. Pete Says:

    Dear Val,

    I’m willing to buy our company back if it will make your dreams come true.



  2. Pete Says:

    I would like to hear your commentary on the Indy film about: Dave, Steve, Sean, Thomas, Rich, Paul and myself with cameo’s from Corey & Ken. Till next time…


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