Say Hello to Ken

May 28, 2009

My interest in Ken began about 9 years ago, I was working for the Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs at a credit card company. It was not uncommon for me to answer calls from members of the Board of Supervisors such as Gavin Newsom,  the mayor -Willie Brown and even …. drum roll please …..M.C. Hammer. Many of the people that called him were “important” members of the community, CEO’s, rich ladies, politicians. More often than not,  I  didn’t know who these people were. I began to google them so I could appear knowledgeable and smart when they would arrive for their appointments. Nearly every person that met with my boss had hits on google.  Many had their own websites or at the very least were mentioned in a news article or were seen at charity galas.  There was always something current, with the exception of MC Hammer, but I already knew who he was. 

So it got me thinking, who did I know that I could google? I started with myself, strike one, I went on to my mom, strike two, I googled my friends, Stttrike. I had to get crafty, someone I knew had to be Internet worthy. I finally decided to google Ken, who is my friend Kelly’s dad, and BINGO, there were hits. 144 to be exact and the first one had a photo so it was definitely THE Ken I knew and adored. No impostor Ken’s here. I was thrilled.

I have known the L. family for over half my life and growing up I never knew what Ken did for a living. I asked Kelly and her sister Lisa on several occasions and they always said “I don’t know”. I never understood how they didn’t know what their dad did everyday so I figured there was some secret reason they were keeping this info private. I imagined the family came over from Jersey in the Witness Protection Program due to a mafia related conspiracy. Maybe Ken wasn’t even his real name.

Finding Ken on google was my window of opportunity, I could actually be an adult, talk business with Ken, maybe even be his friend. My next step was to research what he does, get some facts, learn the industry. I went to a conference site where he was an invited speaker. I read the introduction and it was like reading a foreign language, you see, Ken works in Telephony.  One word, say it fast. (Teh-LEH-fun-nee)  Talk about a buzz kill. What the heck is that?

Here’s a quote from Ken himself so you can see what I mean,

“Just as many end-users are looking to transition their legacy voicemail systems into the future, Adomo has introduced a very robust enterprise messaging solution that allows users to efficiently unify voicemail and e-mail on a single Microsoft Exchange-based system. The offering very effectively repositions voice messaging in the enterprise as a PBX-independent and scalable messaging application, allowing for the seamless migration to IP telephony, that requires no changes to the user’s desktop.”

Wowser, now I know why Kelly and Lisa didn’t know. This is serious S#!%.

I quickly realized I would never learn the ins and outs of this industry- the only thing that comes close is that I use the Telephone-  a lot. But I thought I can still use this knowledge to my advantage. I bet Ken didn’t even know he was a rising Internet star. So every-time I saw Ken I would update him on his hits, first time 144, next time 350, and so on. I found my niche without ever having to learn a thing about telephony. I even spoke about it at his 60th Birthday party. I only wish I had only been better prepared with hand outs and a power point presentation.

Here’s the thing about Ken. He is a respected expert in his field. If you don’t believe me, you know where to look. But I think what matters most to Ken is that he is a great husband, an active member in his church and community, a terrific father and granddad It’s all about the love with Ken.

Ken is still the most googleable person I know. Today  we are at 4,700 and I have been with him every “hit” of the way.


I'm president of his fan club. Send $5 to me and I can get you your very own signed photo, fancy frame not included.

I'm president of the fan club. Send me $5 and you can have your very own signed photo. (fancy frame not included)


4 Responses to “Say Hello to Ken”

  1. Lisa Oberhauser Says:

    OMG Val!! This is so great!! I love the old school pic of dad.

  2. Marian Landoline Says:

    Dear Valerie,

    I loved your blog about Ken. You are a very talented writer and I’ve always been impressed with your insight. Since we are not permitted to talk about “The Business”, I was not surprised that Lisa and Kelly didn’t know what their father did for a living. I was, however, very interested to learn that, “the love of his life was telephony”. He and I will discuss this matter with his attorney Rocco at a later date.

    I read your other entries and wanted to laugh(Britney and the abs), and hug you(Intro…Mr. S.)You are a loved and valued member of our family. Keep up the great work!

    P.S. I also read Dave’s blogs and find there are two very talented people living under the same roof!

    Love and a big kiss to those beautiful children.


  3. Cory Says:

    I too thought the “L” family was, “in the Witness Protection Program due to a mafia related conspiracy.” I can remember Ken staring at me with that “Salvatore” glare as if to say, I already have a body buried out back, what’s one more. He did however always treat me as part of his family. I knew then what I know now and that is; your final assessment of him is spot on. In fact, the entire family is absolutely wonderful. So, sign me up. My $5.00 check is in the mail.

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