Everybody has a story.

May 27, 2009

One Saturday night, when I was a kid,I was watching the Saturday evening news.  (I’m an only child so sometimes there was not a whole lot to do.) At the end of the program  there was a special segment called “Everybody has a Story”. A reporter would throw a dart at a map and wherever the dart landed the reporter would go to that city, pick up a phone book, call a random person and go to their home for an interview. I clearly remember the person they visited that evening, he was an old blind man who could play the banjo.  

It is so simple; wherever you go, whoever  you talk to, there is an interesting story in all of us.  As I reflect on my 34 years of life and all the people I have met I could fill my blog with endless stories: my grandma’s life growing up, my friend who traveled the world, my husband’s life in a band, my crazy neighbor, I think you get my point.

I would love to go on my own quest of “Everybody has a Story” but with my luck the first person I visit would probably be a serial killer so I think I’ll just stick with telling the stories of the people I know and love.


One Response to “Everybody has a story.”

  1. Ward Says:

    Shoot, I dated his daughter and I didn’t even know what he did.

    I knew his wife was a teacher though, I want to say 5th grade but I’m not sure.

    Maybe Ken and I should talk since we do/did similar work in our professional lives.


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